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The plans for 1.54

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Aftermath' started by SvnmS, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. SvnmS

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    1.54 will the next large patch, it'll contain reworking the alliances to make them more balanced, by adding trade offs instead of some alliances being purely stronger than others.

    There are obvious issues currently, like the San'layn (despite it being a rare occurrence).

    Other lesser issues can for example be the difference between the Forsaken-Elves path and the Legion-Elves path. As Forsaken-Elves, forsaken can't go plague and Elves can't go Illidari.
    While in the Elves-legion path Elves can go Illidari and legion can get KJ.

    Another example is dalaran being left alone, or the 4 man alliance becoming 3 with no compensation (if Silverhand or Dwarves decided to leave)

    There are many examples, but instead of citing them all, here is how I want the alliance possibilities to look :

    Blood Elves :
    1. as part of the alliance. Each faction has a weak point. (Sunwell, Ironfroge, ND or Gilneas, Alexandros)
    2. as an ally of the horde : gains Liadrin and the blood knights.
    3. as an ally of the forsaken : can go Illidari
    4. as an ally of the burning legion : can go Illidari (northrend mission removed)
    5. as an ally of fel horde : requires Illidari
    6. as solo Illidari : can absorb the skull of Gul'dan
    7. as solo Wretched (San'layn disabled for now)
    Silverhand :
    1. as part of the alliance. Each faction has a weak point.
      * Upon dwarves going DI : gains gryphon riders.
    2. as solo Scarlet Onslaught.
    3. as an ally of the burning legion : transforms into the Risen.
    Dwarves :
    1. as part of the alliance. Each faction has a weak point.
    2. as solo Dark Iron.
    3. as an ally of Twilight Hammer's clan : can no longer summon Ragnaros and can use some Ragnaros related abilities.
    New Dalaran :

    1. As New Dalaran, part of the alliance. Each faction has a weak point.
      * Upon the elves leaving : gains research to obtain Maiev
      * Upon the Silverhand leaving : gains the possibility to restore Stromgarde and obtain/revive Galen.
      * Upon both Silverhand and Dwarves leaving : gains Gryphon Riders.
      * Upon all factions leaving : can call upon Aegwynn
    2. As Gilneas, part of the alliance. Each faction has a weak point.
      * Upon the elves leaving : gains research to obtain Maiev
      * Upon the Silverhand leaving : gains the possibility to restore Stromgarde and obtain/revive Galen.
      * Upon both Silverhand and Dwarves leaving : gains Gryphon Riders.
      * Upon all factions leaving : can call upon Goldrinn
    Scourge :

    1. as an ally of Cult of the damned.
    2. as a solo Nerubian faction. (alliance to Forsaken disabled for now)
    Cult of the Damned :

    1. as an ally of the Scourge.
    2. as an ally of the Forsaken : gains Barov instead of Kel'thuzad.
    The burning legion :

    1. as a solo faction. But balanced around having an ally, do your best to find one.
    2. as an ally to the blood elves.
    3. as an ally to dragonmaw clan.
    4. as an ally to the fel horde.
    5. as an ally to the forsaken.
    6. as an ally to the risen.
    The Forsaken :

    1. as an ally to the blood elves.
    2. as an ally to the horde.
    3. as an ally to the burning legion : putress replaces sylvanas.
    4. as a solo faction plague path : gains Putress.
    The horde (True horde renamed to Garrosh's horde, True horde is now the solo path, Garrosh's horde is compatible with all alliances)
    1. as an ally to the trolls.
    2. as an ally to the blood elves : blood elven archer replaces revantusk troll.
    3. as an ally to the forsaken : forsaken archer replaces revantusk troll.
    4. as an ally to the dragonmaw clan : orc spear thrower replaces revantusk troll.
    5. as solo True horde : gains empowered garrosh and y'shaarj's heart's upgrade.
    The Troll Empire :

    1. as an ally to the horde.
    2. as an ally to the fel horde : becomes smoulderthorn trolls.
    3. as a solo animal gods empowerment faction.
    Dragonmaw Clan :

    1. as an ally to the fel horde.
    2. as a permanent ally to the fel horde : becomes able to call upon nefarian (instead of deathwing)
    3. as an ally to the horde.
    4. as an ally to the burning legion.
    5. as a solo Twilight's Hammer faction.
    6. as an ally to the Dark Iron Dwarves : Necrosh and the Outriders leave you.
    The Fel Horde :

    1. as an ally of the dragonmaw clan.
      * If the dragonmaw clan betrays you become able to call upon Nefarian.
    2. as a permanent ally to the dragonmaw clan : looses Magtheridon, you become able to call upon Nefarian while allied to dragonmaw.
    3. as an ally of the smoulderthorn trolls.
    4. as an ally of the burning legion : requires shadow council.
    5. as an ally of the Illidari : requires Magtheridon to be dead.

    Now here are some clarifications about the changes :
    1. Some heroes will be nerfed/buffed as the alliance possibilites change, like making Nefarian as good as a God tier hero, Putress getting nerfed to normal hero levels, Necrosh getting buffed to make loosing him a hit for THC if they choose to go DI..etc
    2. Dalaran obtains Maiev regardless of the path BE takes, even if they go horde, and event will pop saying Kael fled to outland with Illidan, and dalaran can get Maiev, and go kill Kael/Illidan as creeps in Outland.
      Maiev no longer goes away if she doesn't take down Illidan, but she gets nerfed of course.
    3. The forsaken Solo plague path will have both sylvanas and putress, and more buffs to their plague units, but completely locks them out of allying anyone. It is a path where Putress is loyal to sylvanas
    4. Risen is a possibility since it doesn't have the issue of being a non-trade off alliance, but it will require a lot of work and might not make it into the game anytime soon.
    5. Fel Horde solo path comes when Dragonmaw betrays them, they become able to have both Magtheridon and Nefarian.
    6. The shadow council's effects will no longer take effect until the legion accepts it.
    7. I chose to remove Ragnaros instead of Deathwing in the DI/THC alliance because in the lore Deathwing sends Ragnaros to Kalimdor to attack the world tree.
    I'll start working on this after 1.53c is released. Give me your opinions / suggestions.

    More options will be added in the future as I find ways to balance them, things like undead trolls, re-introducing san'layn or re-introducing the nerubian/frosaken alliance...etc
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  2. Empress Azshara

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    can u make trees to regrow after being for more than 20 min cuted on geim?
    also why most of these changes are what few editors actually wants and not fans want
    when will dalaran stop taking that tirisfal guardian
    will tehere be full naga path so i can make some sea hunt?
    can u make the invisible of sorceres for belces last less longer
    btw i had more ideas but i forgot idk
    therfore i liek some of this like maiev
  3. SvnmS

    SvnmS Brigand Map Maker

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    No plans for that yet, was going to add it and reduce the amount of lumber in the trees, but currently lumber is already too big of a ressource to make it infinite.
    Because editorship is similar to a dictatorship.
    When they have allies.
    No reason to.
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    I don't get this. They can both call upon Nefarian at the same time (like twins?)? They both have the same type of research that makes the other reliant on the other BUT the Orange version of it kills Mag for you? :p Why? Obviously in such cases only brown would use his loyalty path since it does not kill a Mag-tire hero. ;o Please be of the explaining.
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  5. SvnmS

    SvnmS Brigand Map Maker

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    The research they will have is like the horde-elves one, will only kill Maggy and allow Nefarian if both research it.
    The first who summons Nefarian gets him, the other plays without him.
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  6. ShadowBro


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    i like the idea of aegwyn and goldrin summon after all allies left , but imo purple needs a solo path or option to ally smb other ( for example worgen can leave alliance to automaticaly get goldrin - ye i know its bad :D but example ;p) or some bandit related path to Aedelas Blackmoore,
    and mby for dalaran some kind of dragon solo path ,eg. u get alextrasza/chromie dunno mby jaina is angry after bloodelves leaves alliance and she leaves dalaran and it reasons in possibility of getting full kultiras related path with jaina as main hero , as dragon path you could rescue alextrasza from BD/DMC
    maiev idea is nice but leave quest for hunting ilidan if red goes ilidari :-) - (gold quest and mby add some level in reason of forever lasting elven units) and imo maiev isnt strong enough to nerf her - at last revamp

    but i dont like of losing ragnaros after alliance with THC - some nerfs are reasonable but it will be second path like sylvanas empowerment - its better to have an ally than attoditional/empowered hero. IMo we will see this path only if possible ally leaves - i'd rather to see nerf or revamp of skills of ragnaros+dw alliance. And of course this change would kill neccesity of exping thauresian(not sure if it is good spelling of his name)
    and id like to see sulfuras on ragnaros. mby with ragnaros empower your solo DI could be nice but for now they arent strong enough to ignore thc , and unless there are BD (or rare legion/horde alliance) DMc will always go THC and ally you :-)
    But thats all belongs to you ;p

    forsaken new solo path sound's nice , but remember having an ally is still better than upgraded hero or 1 more with solo path. Imo forsaken are flexible now becouse they can choose one of big amount of allies and its their main mechanic of comeback if they lose, so as reward of playing solo, putress+ empowered sylvana may be a nice combo .
    Also id like to see nerzhul forsaken again - mby with possibility only of making archers, casters and elites ,nothing more and ofc elites and hero are revamped

    horde changes Sounds really really nice

    about gryphon changes in alliance , im not sure if its needed - they wont be able to make special ups for them and they already have hawks. So what about gryphon+Hawk deadly combo ? and dragons +gryphons for dalaran :D - i refuse dat flying army d

    MAKE RIsEN GREAT AGAIN! - but mby not as pernament ally of legion(it reasoned in triple legion team) but as 1 strong race that can match other legion possible allies

    "as part of the alliance. Each faction has a weak point. (Sunwell, Ironfroge, ND or Gilneas, Alexandros)" - im not sure but sunwell+ND+gilneas are already weakpoints except of IF and alex
    -In last patches uve moved unit bound into IF so if IF falls , dwarves loses tanks and magni roar's ability - its not a big loss if you would compare it to dalaran or sunwell xd.
    also alex isnt dat big loss also , and get real , its hard to lose him if u posistion good with all your heals. Mby if you could go argent at alex lvl 10 without losing him and without going scarlet it would be a big loss :-)

    and about fel horde "as a permanent ally to the dragonmaw clan : looses Magtheridon, you become able to call upon Nefarian while allied to dragonmaw." i hope , if felhorde will ally ilidari , they will lose alliance with Dmc - i mean dat: there wont be a fell hordE+ilidari+dmc alliance
    about azshara 's quote "will tehere be full naga path so i can make some sea hunt?" i dont like waterwalking(ww) idea in lta - imo it shouldnt have place , mby exception is rehgar wolf form (it has duration) - but still sounds bad ;p. There is reason of my upset - its almost imposible to catch waterwalking illidan and naga can attack from every place of the map via ww- i could have an idea , if you would like to have still ww. Put a waterwalk on ability (10-15s duration for example) for nagas units - or just aoe spell for them that allows ww but with long cooldown , and id like to see a demon hunter elite for ilidari :-)

    and mby make FT reapired at start of game , so he wont be able to go nerubians that fast and ally legion - and +arthas would start at lvl4 instead of 3
  7. muhlta


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    I see 2 nerfs for Scourge, yet its being dominated by 4 man Alliance...
  8. Arreone


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    in case of lb revamp of alex could be nice (right now i just kill alex and go fast argent for stability and scarlet units) like there could be reward for keeping him alive and leveling him instead of -oh alex is level 15? you want to get ur late game stuff? too bad you will wait 10 minutes :D
    mb something like in ltf would be nice at lets say 30 minutes mark (alex stays in argent but tirion never gets ashbringer)
    i know that would be problematic becouse of undead alex spawn events but i thought about it as well
    -grey gets undead alex as soon as alex dies or research to get him
    ashbringer is still problematic for grey if lb face slames you and dies (or worse suicides) your hero will never have item that makes him usefull and not meme
    and this creates situation that i as cult have to cry to lb to go get ashbringer becouse i dont want my hero to be trash (and he is my favorite hero in game ^^)
    so it could be solved like this
    -alex starts with ashbringer
    -ashbringer aoe removed (it is used mostly to hit and run what is silly for this kind of epic weapon)
    -in return both alexandros types get scorching weapons as their ult (you know Alexandros after all did clear Stratholme once by himself)/ashbringer grants passive aoe
    also Tirions ultimate is kinda useless right now and dmg is more like it was normal ability instead of ultimate

    as my tribute i can give you these
    -veeresa's hipos can target cps
    -you know alive galen q turns him invunerable? (can be dispelled but still)
    -velen always starts at level 10 making rushing outland viable strategy as lb (tranqulity minute 15is kind off stronk)
    -militia archers of silverhand have 590 hp after pesant upgrade but elven archers have 400 hp and for some and i think their dmg is similiar so going elves is now debuff instead of buff

    you have made great changes so far and it is amazing how fast you react to bug reports (not like i was telling Draupne about adal blink from 1.44 no no;)
    fantastic job and keep it up :D
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  9. Kolladan

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    So... make a buddy and organise pre-made game or "Legion has left the game" ?
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  10. Anatolia63


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    Hi I welcome the changes you have done so far. I want to suggest smth. for dalaran
    High elv relations: upgrade switches to dalaran, if silverhand bevokes scarlett. Veressa leads the silver covenant, who is married to rhonin.

    The council of six upgrade : if at least 2 of your allies betrayed the alliance cause, you are able to research the council of six upgrade,
    Granting you new heros, demis, empowering your spellcasters and elites to archmages, by increasing hit and manapoints strengthening some current abilities or replace.
    You already get some of them like kalegcos (unrevivable) and vargoth (demi) by just doing events. But I thought giving dalaran some more solo strength in case of being left alone wouldn't harm anyone and dalarm has more strongreat magesellschaftliche-verantwortung tHan ansiremember and rhonin.
    If you should research aegwynn, some of them will be gone, but still keep rhonin and ansirem.
    May I ask for increasing hp of the councilors? They are key unit and you cannot get new elites, and are not revivable through unit training o resurrection spell. The power infusion nerf did hit the councilors hard...
    nd due to nerf they die.. faster...maybe power infusion is aplyed to dala heroes?

    1 more thing for bloodknights: can gain bloodknights still when allied to the alliance, if silverhand goes dranei, give them the upgrade offensive of the shattered sun ... and establishes 1-2 buildings within shattrath and grant the units... a
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