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Map review

Discussion in 'Kalimdor: the Aftermath' started by Enclop, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Enclop

    Enclop Lord of Winterfell

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    i have to say the map could not improve on an aesthetic level. the terrain is so beautiful the icons bla bla bla.

    but on gameplay level the map just is full of autism. it doesn't take a test to find out that legion being able to summon 7 or 6 massive infernals anywhere on the map is OP. or the nightborne legion alliance. like come on this map is already few years by now.

    Also the alliance-nightelves-horde fight relies too much on one side sucking dick. for instance I was night elves and i was completely fucked by 3 horde players (one of which was our famous @Azothan) in the first 10 mins of the gamebecause alliance was completely autistic. Largely thanks to my clan-mates azothan still died. But still dying in a map in the first 10 mins because of external factors is just meh.
    If it is gonna by like that atleast add something so Night elves have defense bonuses and can hold against the horde. There are no chokepoints in ashenvale so its a complete meme walking fest for horde. The entrance to blue's city in ashenvale is wider than my asshole.

    TLDR: meme-map stop focusing on just aesthetic level and fix the gameplay/balance
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    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  2. Kael89

    Kael89 Grand Admiral of Kul'Tiras

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    Yea true but the same with aliance if DG lose lb lose to cuz troll will attack theramore from behind when oj will fight against lb. Limits on knight where oj dont have limit on ogres. You said true about 10 minutes of game. DG lose soo lb can leave too
    Map is really cool but need small revork balance etc. Still its sadly true
    I know editing is really hard but
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  3. Arthos

    Arthos Last Roman Brigand

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    Is it? ;)
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  4. Meerzan2


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    *Alliance autistic* bish fu, how am i suppose to stop oj AND yellow, my ally dg (won't name) basically was like '*yo lb where is your navy* EksDee, fkn memer
  5. Nalesean

    Nalesean Communism has never been tried Brigand Donator Legend

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    Like Uos would ever play straight up anyway, just team up like you allways do and the problem is solved. Balance ;).
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  6. Onyx

    Onyx GrimmHeart Darksbane

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    It's not hard to see you don't know shit about the map when you don't complain about the right things
    First "a few years" => not even a year
    It's still considered as beta

    The NE alliance wit Nightborne is stronger than Nightborne allying Legion

    It's normal for Horde to rush ashenvale because otherwise NE will just completly steamroll the game

    There are no chokepoints in ashenvale ? Try to break Hyjal entrance when both NE are here with their battleships
    It's not because you don't know the map that you can complain about it

    Funny thing is that you don't complain about the really OP things about the map
    Like Legion being the strongest faction, instead you complain about Nightborne-Legion alliance
    But you don't complain about Naga winning each game vs Nightborne unless Naga is totally new player ?

    You don't complain about Alliance being weak as fuck but complain about horde rushing NE when horde attacking alliance means gg for them ?

    It's quite funny to see you come here an critisizing instead of make proper posts and suggest stuff to balance it
    Now if you aren't quite pleased with the current situation
    I'll have to tell you that there's only one guy working on it, and that instead of compain yu should either help either shut the fuck up and go back to Warclave
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  7. Uther01

    Uther01 God of champions Brigand Map Maker

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    Wheter people agree or not you did say the reasons for your thinking of imbalance, also funny if you finish your starting fight and finally win that and just get stomped by some snowballs