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LTF Suggestions: Design and balance thread

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Woodenplank, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Woodenplank

    Woodenplank Brigand Map Maker

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    Post here your quaint, little suggestions.
    • Adding a new unit
      (And/Or removing an old one)
    • Changing an ability/multiple-abilities on an existing Hero or Unit
    • Changing the stats/cost of existing units/buildings/upgrades
    • Minor terrain adjustments (pathing blocked/too-open in X position)
    For suggestions of the bigger kind, see the Revamps Thread.

    Always remember to consult The Community Update Thread, to keep up with latest changes.
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  2. Kirisame

    Kirisame Twitch.tv/Courierfive

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    Some of the words are misspelled and it bothers me for some reason, like for example the opening text for red says "silvrmoon" and one of the "sunwell"s has a missing "l".

    also pink ranger elites have abysmal mana regen. I know you can always use a mana wyrm or generator but thats no excuse for it to be so low.

    edit: oh yeah, speaking of mana regen, is it possible for ranger corps to get the sunwell buff (provided red is still allied)? There's really no reason for it to only affect some elves.
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  3. Woodenplank

    Woodenplank Brigand Map Maker

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    It has always bothered me as well - I'm planning on doing rounds of all the opening messages (I'm also going to change some of them... Like advise Dragonmaw to ensure the defense of DMP, instead of telling him to rush attack Dwarves (because they usually gets stomped by Ranger+Dwarf+AllianceSupport in that case). And I'll also give tooltips an overhaul.

    I must admit I don't play Rangers much myself... But given their overall performance and popularity I'm reluctant to buff them right now...
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  4. TheKaldorei

    TheKaldorei High Priestess of Elune Shaman Map Maker

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    All Im sayin leave night elves in the game for rangers
  5. Mangros

    Mangros Curufinwe

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    So I got some suggestions to ballance and improve the gameplay.
    So far whats wrong with the Ballance?

    Legion having 8 elite insteed of 4.
    Silverhand having 8 elite insteed of 4 (but its not that ballance breaking since Silverhand has to control 1 of the sha'tari building to make them and they are in enemy teretory that means they are going to fall if alliance doesnt go outland and help sh defend it and since adal can tp out Silverhand wont stay in outland and waste time.But Dark Temple on the other hand is just a unreachable position for the alliance and its also recapturable while sha'tari buildings are not.)

    High Elves:

    -Sunreavers should be a subpath for the Blood elves.
    -Sunreavers should bring another type of Caster unit tied to Aethas if he dies then Elves cannot train these casters anymore.
    -After joining Scourge or Legion Quel'thalas and Sunwell should switch to Ranger Coprs if ranger doesnt exist in that time then Dalaran.
    -After Joining Scourge Kael thalas and Thaelis the hungerer starts in Northrend with new unit types.
    -After Joining Legion Kael thalas gets control of muru and teleports into that area.
    -Fel elves should get 1 more hero currently they are 2.
    -Fel elves needs 2th caster type units.

    Ranger Corps:

    -Frost arrow on archers should be nerfed a little bit.
    -Frost arrow on Vereesa is not needed it should be replaced (it slows more and deals more then archers but still it will give more chance enemy hero to actually escape fom Rangers grasp)
    -Second chance for Rangers should be changed.
    -Blood Knights should be the second chance for Ranger corps insteed of sentinels.


    -Wildhammer Shamans are tied to Aeria peak so when Dwarves gets rushed by dragonmaw and cult(if starting at scholomance) and alliance is so slow to defend it Dwarves basicly loses its caster support and air support and it weakens them a lot.
    -Shamans and Gryphon riders should be tied to falstad.
    -Skybreaker is just op needs to be nerfed.


    -Give them Alexandros Mograine.
    -Whenever Alexandros dies Scarlet Crusade happens and Uther switches to Dark Green.
    -Argent Crusade should now also give Maxwell Tyrosus as third hero.
    -Maxwell will start with some unit in Lights Hope chapel along side with new buildings and Lights hope will be restored if it was destroyed and it gets Much more health and siege aura since it will be Argent Crusade's main buildings.Maxwell will be unrevivable if you lose Lights Hope.
    -Uther should auto die whenever going Draenei Alliance(its just lore breaking and if Silverhand wants something then he should lose something)
    -Tirion should be perma reviable since Silverhand has no perma revivable hero while every other faction has.
    -Rework on lights hope chapel area.


    Lordaeron is just fine in my opinion but it has lots of Buildings to defend.Now with boralus Alliance is indeed has to play more carefully while evil doesnt have to.
    Give Stratholme to Silverhand.
    Give siege aura to Boralus.


    -Keep firebolt.
    -Change Jaina's skill set.
    -Genn Greymane should be 2 type hero 1 human forum for human units 2 Worgen form for Worgen units.
    -Worgen Genn should have life steal aura for worgen units not humans.
    -Human Genn keeps damage aura only applies for human units.

    I will make one for the Evil factions now I have do something.
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  6. Awesomeguy

    Awesomeguy Im Awesome Brigand

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    Ranger's Archers.
    Instead of just nerfing the ability, i suggest a new system:
    Archers mana will now be 60.
    Mana cost per arrow is now 1.
    Archers would have no mana regenration.
    Mana Crystal (Or Arcane Crystal, I dont remember) coust would be reduced to 10 gold and lumber
    Mana Crystal build time will be shorten
    Mana Crystal will now regen 3 mana per second to nearby non hero units.
    Mana Crystal Mana regen aura range will be greatly increased

    This way, archers wont be able to use frost Arrows all the time, and their only way to regain their mana is by waiting couple of seconds near a mana crystal. Kinda creating "Ammo" System for frost arrows.
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  7. Dakaris


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    Since you want to give strat more importance make it possible to undead to take it (the city is very well placed (if UD come from north gate alli can pass from Merdhold and backstab; South gate is worse because of tyr s hand and elven land are near.) and 2 gate with seems like infinite HP).
    The plague event from Malganis is the only hope to take the city if alli def it (since you don't go for capital they will tp/move to it ) and if teal is bad (i has seen so many teal lose Mal from dranei or simply forgot that event), well that it
    I suggest to reterain it exactly like it is in LTA so UN can build a fleet, land IN the city, bypass the OP gate and give them a good foothold in lordi.
    It is better balence wise, lore wise (strat was a naval city) and perhaps alli will build fleet to conter that and we will see some naval play =D
    A other small change : buff the hp or armor of Moira since you can have her with diamound magni i play her a bit and she always die by little aoe like a poor wildhammer shaman :(
  8. Woodenplank

    Woodenplank Brigand Map Maker

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    I'm not sure if you were the one to suggest it earlier, but yes: adding a port to Stratholme would make an interesting change.
    Not to change it too much, but perhaps I could extend the river-like-thing that splits Startholme and Quel'thalas and just let it run into a city port.

    It'll check it out.
  9. Julian

    Julian just a simple Lich

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    how about some more Events in south/outland for alliance because they got so much Events in northrend already maybe for DG/LB honor hold in hellfire.
  10. Kolladan

    Kolladan Ambassador of the Poor Legion

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    Replace Nathanos Marris (Live/Undead) versions with Captain Falric:
    (Q) Shield Throw - Deals 150/275/400/525 damage to targeted enemy unit, stunning them for 6 seconds (1 for hero). CD: 9 sec.
    (W) Thunder Clap - same as Muradin Bronzebeard skill
    (E) Precise Strike - Each Captain strike destroys 4/8/12/16 enemy armor for 5 sec.
    (R) Banner of Lordaeron - Places invulnerable ward at position, which gives allied unit +100% damage aura and heals them for 2% of their max HP. Duration: 30 sec. CD: 180/120 sec.
    (T) Lordaeron Reinforcements - Summons 8 footmen from any barracks. CD: Same with Lordaeron Captain
    (Y) Healing Brew - Same ability, which Professor Putricide and Faranell have.
    (Q) Obliterate - Deals 200/400/600/800 damage to targeted enemy unit on the melee range. CD: 12 sec.
    (W) Strengthen Bones - Same as Noth Plaguebringer heal ability
    (E) Iron Bones Aura - Gives nearby allied melee units 3/6/9/12 armor
    (R) Hopelessness - Destroys nearly enemy hope, reducing their damage by 50% and decreasing any of their regeneration to 0. Duration: 30 sec. CD: 120/90 sec.
    (T) Ghost reinforcements - Summons 8 spectral footmen from any Halls of the Dead. CD: 240 sec.
    (Y) Blade of Despair - Each Falric strike destroys 8 enemy armor and decrease 30% AS and 30% MS for 5 sec.

    Also add Spectral Footman instead of Zombie for the Scourge path (DG)
    Spectral Footman:
    30% stronger (by stats) than Lordaeron Footman.
    Spectral form - reduces receiving piercing damage by 50%, but increase receiving magic damage by 25%
    Spectral strike - same as Lordaeron Footman Smite thing, I dont know its stats
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