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LTF: Hopes and Expectations

Discussion in 'Lordaeron: The Foremath' started by Marshmalo, May 12, 2018.

  1. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    Woodenplank has done a wonderful job as editor of LTF and has provided me with a version which can be opened and saved within Sharpcraft (also thanks to @SvnmS for helping him with this!).

    It sounds good but but its not that simple, map editors using 1.29.2 of WC3 are prone to crash when saving maps the size of LTF, which is hugely frustrating as you can lose all your work, and saving takes about 10 minutes even when it does work. The current editors of maps like this are all having problems with this right now.

    And there is another issue, the map I've inherrited is a half finished version of the next update, and the changes look quite large. So I need to read through all of woodens notes and try and understand where he left off.

    With all this in mind, and my own time constraints due to RL, the future of LTF looks kinda grim, or I guess the better word would be "challenging" o_O

    So I'm sorry but I really cant garantee when the next update will be. But here are my hopes and plans for LTF:

    - Continue using the OLD world editor Jass New Gen for as long as possible (for the above mentioned reasons).

    - Complete Patch 0.28 which Wooden started and get up to date on the current status of LTF.

    - Bring out balance, bug fixes and new contect patches. Improve content for many neglected factions (EG: Ashen Verdict)

    - Continue to improve the art assets and general graphics of LTF by working on everything from Icons to terrains/textures.

    - Begin preparations for the split of Fallen Nerubians and Kul'tiras into their own seperate player factions (as per Wooden's plan).

    - Extensively reterrain and expand the Kul'tiras landmass using references from "Battle for Azeroth" WoW expansion. As well as expanding Northrend. Azjol Nernoob will be moved to the right side of the map to allow space for Kul'tiras expansion.

    - Once everything to do with the 13th and 14th player slots has been tested the map will be transfered over to the latest versions of the editor where these extra players can be utilised and 14 player version of LTF released.

    - Bug and balances fixes for the 13th and 14th players.

    - Will then review how viable it is to continue editing using 1.29.2, if it is too difficult this will become the last LTF patch or I will find someone who is willing to try and work with it despite all the problems with newer versions of the world editor.
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  2. Cynicaldoubt

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    All hail, AZJOL NERNOOB, the spider kingdom!
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  3. Onyx

    Onyx GrimmHeart Darksbane Shaman

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    Just make version with Solo overbuffed Scarlet and then we don't need anything else LUL
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  4. Awesomeguy

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    14 players lmao. Tho Ive heard 12+ maps has a great deal of bugs and crashed, are you sure you want to add more of these to the map?
    talking of 12+, do you plan to release a 24 players version one, with all the different paths and second chances as players? doesnt have to be balanced, just for the memes.

    Also does that mean you wont work anymore on your other maps? Because I did quite enjoy that Rise of Realm map :-)
  5. Mr.Jesus


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    Many of the 24+ maps that are out, have not been prone to crashing, Kinda the sind amount like comparied to other huge maps. It is useally the wc3 engine that is the problem. Not the amount of players in the game.
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  6. Charcu


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    I think that unfortunately making the map up to date (12+ players) is a bad idea, as you say the editor is currently very unstable which is going to make working with it a real pain, specially with such a colosal map.

    Also the changes woodenplank had in mind//prepared for the next version were quite major:
    An extra player in northreand, possible rework of income for the initial scourge team. Same for alliance.
    Blue losing a very strong hero as well as his best frontline units (Nerubian Guards) and his air superiority (Nerubian Stinguers gone too) not certain if these units will be replaced by something similar under a different name...
    Slight rework of scarlet crusade, Scarlet Onslaught as a full solo path (will have to be very op to able to contest the game against big teams)
    Syndicate goes directly to Alliance team meaning Dalaran going Worgen is fully solo too and the only member of Rogue Alliance force. That if Worgen path is not given to Kultiras.
    These changes are a big deal and will require definitely some big effort and major testing.

    I think the best idea is to polish the current version as best as possible and get ready the changes needed without fully introducing them until the editor behaves better.
    But this is just what I think.

    Pd: Forgot to say, Best of luck and we shall wait.
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  7. Readywhip


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    When can we get an update?

    Right now LTF is very broken and unbalanced.

    Alliance just steam rolls through Evil.
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  8. TheKaldorei

    TheKaldorei ❄️ Holiday Hoe ❄️ Shaman Map Maker

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    i dont have problems saving lta in the world editor (regular)
  9. Spectator

    Spectator The Changer of Ways... Donator

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    I would be complaining about Legion team right now but I sense a new more OP team has risen in LTF. The Crash Team is too strong and beating everyone atm. Legit I have been getting rekt by it every single LTF game I had recently. please nerf :D
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  10. Robovision


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    I am very satisfied in what condition Woodenplank left the map. Its true that it crash but I personally have the same crash amount as before. I have more problems with LTA as its not crashing but somehow I am getting disconected a lot.

    Legion team is OP but it happened to me that Legion player was new and others betrayed him. I could help him as risen but it was switched off. I think risen should be allowed in some conditions like Legion is alone or he has only Putress as ally. Conditions can be even harder but just allow it please.

    I would like possibility for LB to join Neutral aliance team even after he goes Tirion/Draenei because right now he is the only member who has to stay in the aliance. Even Dalaran can leave. Also to get Adal is the hardest thing in the game right now. The others can absorb sunwell to summon their god tier hero or they got reseach or shard (dwarf needs only lvl 12 as he has reseach +2 shards, dw lvl 13, archi can give lvls for summoning him and Nefarian, you dont really need lvls for Aegwyn or Godrinn).

    It would be good to give +2 lvl somehow to Velen. Right now he can get +1 lvl with research, but if he wants Adal to live he needs to reseach it imidiatelly so he can teleport away because there is no chance to defend him in outland and Velen has scripted max lvl 10 or 11 no matter how long you wait to get him or what lvl is Uther. Just allow Adal to teleport without this upgrade and give him +1 lvl for examle by getting Muru.

    Allow Lordaeron to get Garithos path as now its very boring when you loose Capital. I think it was suppose to motivate DG to go undead team but honestly I have never seen this happened. If DG wants to join undead team he joins them before Capital fall or by accident when he get Froustmourne and then die running in ship or anyhow.

    Dwarves: there is an issue with food cost of lvl 2 towers and canon towers. I dont have problem with that. I have problem that dwarf starts with 50 food in useless canon towers around the map. Literally I have to destory 20 tower at the begininng to be able to make army and some workers. So lets make these towers unique so they cost no food or just remove them/change them to normal towers. The same with DG when he got Boralus. And then the biggest issue with that has LB when DG betray as he will get in towers +50 or more food. For me it seems like something it should not be there and editors forgot about it.

    Wildhammer path: Bound gryphons and elites to Faltstad instead of Wildhammer capital. If Wildhammer capital falls it usually Legion steamroll and I dont see reason why to weaker dwarves even more.

    Crazy idea in the end:
    King Arthas is very good event preventing blue from getting Lich King. Its ok but lets think about possibility to became LK for somebody else. Like Kael Thas or even Sylvanas as alternative story to Warcraft lore. I know its a lot of work I just think in future versions it can be good idea to implement.
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