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Mar 31, 2015
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Brigand Map Maker

I'm not working on LTA anymore, so I don't know anything about 1.43 sorry! Feb 20, 2016

      Tell me when you host :D
        Okay, I joined! :)
        Jul 2, 2018
    2. d'sparil
      about that bug of tentacles i use whosyourdaddy so i kill everything, probably that bug is because i use whosyourdaddy idk i never play on multiplayer, anyway put 2 teams in viking settler the game don't work with all the players in one team i play a old version into a pirate server :D
    3. KamyaR76
      Hey Marsh I d like to say I'm really enjoying play zombie rising , but I can't play too much, in top of right map there is a trap area to make unlimited tentacles so if I stay a little ,
      game getting too much laggy is it possible fix this problem?
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      2. Marshmalo
        If that happens please save replay and send to me ok? maybe its bug but it never happens to me.
        Mar 31, 2018
      3. KamyaR76
        Hey Marsh I just play again this one it worked ,

        Ps : the map was amazing thank you I really enjoyed the game , story was great game play was perfect and ... .
        You are truly legend !
        Mar 31, 2018
      4. Marshmalo
        Thanks! Its not a very popular map but I really enjoy playing it too and don't regret making it even though its rarely played :)
        Apr 1, 2018
    4. KingDaDi
      You are back
      Please tell me, can you agree?
      The previous translator said that there was a precondition for your last consent.

      I do not like our translators here.
      They hid from you a few years time.
      You will not know until this year.
    5. Thebig061
      Wait.You starting your work on Skyrim again?
      1. Awesomeguy likes this.
    6. Woodenplank
      Looking forward to getting to on L:TF - but I hope you'll occasionally come back and check on it, scold me if I'm not living up to your legacy :)
    7. Woodenplank
      I won't ask if you need help with Lordaeron: The Foremath.
      But I will ask if you would please let me be a part of editing it! I promise not to interfere too much with design, and I'm experienced with triggers and object editing.
    8. Elbadruhel
      The masks that the drake lords drops are maybe too expensive, if u sell them u get a HUGE economic boost, but they are strong items too so maybe balanced...

      U could also add other basic unit type, u know: rock, paper, scissors.

      If u have a thread to post this things, tell it to me ;)
    9. Elbadruhel
      U could add an upgrade to increase the chance of Shamans in ur kids. Indeed, u have 2 upgrades to have raiders or archers at spawn, but I NEVER upgrade them, cause that reduces the chance of getting shamans, i prefer to expend gold in upgrading them by my own if i need them and have more chance to have shamans.
    10. Elbadruhel
      Marshmalo i have reunited 14 guys to play 2 viking settlers games. The map looks interesting, but... It always crashes!!! When we are starting wars and fights, the games explodes. Really annoying.

      I also noticed that boats building in low water some times doesnt work, just in some spots they are built.
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